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About Our Principal

Welcome to a new school year at Mattos, a Gold Ribbon Award Winning, Science Magnet School. It is my pleasure to be joining the outstanding learning community at Mattos as your new principal and instructional leader. In addition to 15 years of success and joy serving as an Elementary Principal I come to you with a passion for teaching, learning and connecting to the learning community of parents, students, teachers and support staff that make up our wonderful school.

As a long time educator with almost thirty years serving communities as diverse as East Palo Alto, Newark, Anchorage, Stockton, Santa Clara and now Fremont the roles that I have had to prepare me to serve you include:

  • 15 years of service as a Principal K-8
  • 13 years working as a Teacher K-12 in diverse settings with a variety of learners
  • 20 years Grant Writing experience
  • Service as a University Instructor for Literacy
  • Staff Development Trainer Experience for Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Extensive Curriculum Training and Certification to Administer Special Programs
  • Coordinator Experience with AVID, BTSA, GATE, Literacy and School Reform
  • Director Experience with Action Research, Technology Integration and Interventions
  • Supervisory Experience supporting, coaching, evaluating and validating staff
  • Facilitator Service creating and directing Community Schools 

I am an educator who is passionate about personally connecting with parents, students, staff and colleagues. This makes me very excited to be an Instructional Leader at Mattos and an educator in Fremont where Professional Learning Communities or PLCs are an important part of our plan to create collaborative, dynamic and unified schools.

This year promises to be one united by collaboration and positive growth for all. The Mattos Team will continue developing our comprehensive and in depth science program K-5 with the Math and Science Nucleus and our dedicated parent volunteers. Our students can expect to participate in authentic learning that will develop them as leaders, learners and thinkers preparing them to be active and inquiring scholars. Interested parents can join in this and other important work by volunteering to participate in the Science Docent Program, serving on Parent Community Committees such as School Site Council, the English Language Advisory Committee, the Safety Committee, as Club Volunteers and by joining the PTA.

Our team at Mattos is united in the desire to create the best possible conditions for learning at Mattos. To focus on the academic, social and emotional growth for all our students we are training with Solution Tree, at our site and across our district to work together as a Professional Learning Community to continually examine and improve our services to students and families. This will happen through on-going professional development, collaboration and implementation of best practices in a shared leadership model that honors the contributions of all.

In addition to our PLC work, along with all FUSD Schools we are participating in the Eight Great Traits featuring a focus on monthly values that define and provide character education for students. As the year begins our focus will be on Caring and Compassion, a great way to start a new year.

Our school will be creating a new mission and vision to incorporate input from students, parents, and our team which includes new staff members and myself. This vital work will help us come together to focus all our efforts on creating a positive and productive learning environment for our kids.

This important work takes time, patience and commitment and from what I have already experienced in our school community I can see we are all up to the challenge.

Please expect to see me out and about on campus, at events and in the community. It is my practice to be out meeting and greeting students, parents and community members at every opportunity. This is important to me because as the parent of triplet daughters: Camille, Simone and Nicole and a son Chase, I always wanted to see, meet and know that their school team members were watching out for them and were available. Please know I am watching out for our kids, our wonderful staff and all of you. I am available through email at: or in my office at 793-1359 ext. 65-102 as well as by appointment. I am dedicated to working with all of you and creating a positive, collaborative community built on mutual respect and shared focus on success for all students.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our outstanding learning community.

Susan Guerrero