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Principal's Message for May 11, 2022
Posted 5/11/22

Principal’s Message
May 11, 2022
Dear Mattos Community,
Our students and staff are still doing assessments which include end of the year testing, i-ready, and CAASPE. We should be finished by the end of next week. We are glad to be completing testing as over the last couple of years especially with distance learning it has been difficult to do assessments that will give us comprehensive, standardized results. With the completion of testing this year we are back on track to have comparable measurable results to assist us with planning for instruction and making great gains.
Students have been very good about working hard on their assessments. I have noticed however that they tend to get a little more active at lunch and recess so it’s important that parents are providing healthy snacks and lunches to balance students’ energy. We have been reminding students of the importance of eating as fuel for learning. Fruit, nuts, and other whole foods can provide a delicious and healthy snack to help students get through the day focused. These items are better nutritionally and as brain food instead of chips, cookies, and cakes. To stay hydrated we recommend water rather than juices and soft drinks. Please make sure to help out by packing healthy choices for kids.
Today, a team of parents and staff from Mattos took part in doing Principal Interviews. The process is for the team along with an administrator from the Kennedy Attendance Area, and the District Office to do a series of interviews with candidates. After round one interviews finalists are chosen to go to round two with a District Office Team which finalizes the choice of a successful candidate and that person’s name is submitted to the School Board for final approval. This should occur by the June School Board Meeting.
Please rest assured I will be here at Mattos through the middle of June and will work with our team and the community to create a positive and seamless transition. I am sure we will find a wonderful person to lead Mattos and I am glad that I can tell them they will be joining a community that cares. Thank you to parents, students, and community members for your positive involvement especially during the pandemic which has brought many challenges to all. The Mattos Community is a wonderful and loving community of leaders, learners, and thinkers who have given time, energy, and expertise to working together for our students.
With gratitude,
Susan Guerrero
Mattos Principal