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Principal's Message for January 19, 2022
Posted 1/19/22

Dear Mattos Community,

I appreciate our community for working with the Mattos Team to make sure our students are safe and healthy. The recent distribution of self- tests helped us be proactive in protecting our community against COVID. Those who tested positive and did not return to school helped us keep everyone else safe and healthy. Parents and guardians who have been checking in and reporting symptoms to confirm flowchart directions have also been a tremendous help. Please continue to call our office and let our Attendance Clerk Cathy Ytuarte know if your child is going to be out and why they are out. If you are reporting a symptoms and the need to self- quarantine for an extended period you can request independent study materials. Cathy can be reached at ( 510 ) 793-1359 then press #7 or email her at Thank you for your continued support.

If you are reporting a positive case of COVID please leave the following information:

  1. Your child’s full name
  2. The date your child tested positive
  3. The date your child was last at school

Our office then immediately makes a report to our COVID support office that does contact tracing and provides next steps.

In addition to the reporting practices we are following we are also doing the following:

  • Continuing to monitor masking of all community members on  or near campus
  • Providing masks for those that need them
  • Asking all to only enter the school from the front when they have an appointment
  • Asking the community to not enter from the back gate ( our locks have been cut more than once)
  • Making appointment or phoning or emailing the office as we are understaffed and functioning virtually as much as possible.
  • Monitoring snack and lunch to make sure students focus on healthy eating in under 15 minutes then re-masking
  • Monitoring that students continue to sit in socially distanced areas when eating
  • Monitoring correct mask wear, hygiene, and practices
  • Disinfecting and cleaning the school continually
  • Following up on all health concerns, the need to isolate, call home, and protect all students

Please know we are doing everything we can to keep our school safe and healthy. Thank you for your collaboration with us.


Susan Guerrero

PDF of Principal Message