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Principal's Message for January 12, 2022
Posted 1/12/22

New Year

January 12, 2022
Dear Mattos Community,

Happy New Year! Even with the concerns regarding COVID-19 and the variant that we are all dealing with I believe that 2022 will be great year. We are being proactive with testing and the recent distribution of 30,000 self-tests allowed families and staff to identify COVID status prior to returning to school thus keeping others from being exposed unnecessarily. Thank you to the community members and staff that braved the challenges involved in picking up the tests. Though the first pick up day was difficult (I know as I attended it) our district took the feed- back they received and improved distribution for day 2 and then added a 3rd day. We are all working to make sure we provide the best support possible and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Please continue to follow the COVID guidelines that FUSD is updating and posting on the Fremont Unified School District website. These are continually being updated with the latest information. It is important that we work together to follow these guidelines especially for those families that have traveled. Please be clear and transparent in communicating with the school so we can assist you. The guidelines are for the safety of all and we need them followed.

Parents have been expressing concerns regarding safety and I want you to know we are working hard to make sure all protocols are followed. Our students have been fantastic about wearing their masks. These are required at all times (even recess and PE) except during snack and lunch. At times students are eating they are socially distanced and we monitor that they eat in a timely manner to avoid any prolonged unmasking. Classes all have air filters and we monitor them and change filters as needed. Our custodians disinfect and clean daily and monitor all areas of the school. We also continue to have on site COVID testing on Mondays at Mattos. I personally am fully vaccinated and boosted and get tested weekly to make sure that as someone who goes into all classes I am fully following safety precautions.

Please continue to follow the safety precautions of always wearing a mask and utilizing the office remotely as much as possible unless you have an appointment. Our COVID Capacity in the office is a maximum of 4 which includes the office staff. We still utilize the table outside the office for forgotten, lunches, water bottles, and other items. Please put your child’s name and class # on the items you leave.

With 2022 just beginning Mattos has a goal of working to get all community members to become a part of our PTA. Please join as the nominal fee supports teachers, students, and our school. We need you to be involved at whatever level you can be involved:

  • Join and be a member in name only
  • Join and take on minimal volunteer tasks
  • Join and offer to serve in a onetime capacity
  • Join and consider taking a role on a committee
  • Join and seek to be a lead for an event
  • Join and run for election as an officer

Our current Executive Board works very hard with limited support. All the parents involved as officers do an amazing job and we need to support them through increased membership and when we can volunteerism. I know not everyone can volunteer. I raised my family as a single mother who worked multiple jobs so I could not volunteer. I could however join the PTA and be a part of membership. If you can please join and if you can do more please add your talents to the many skills of our PTA Team. Just click on the direct link below to join PTA now. Your participation and support are greatly appreciated.

Be a Part of Positive Change
Join PTA Now

Please stay safe and healthy in 2022.

Susan Guerrero
Mattos Principal


PDF of Principal Message