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Principal's Message for Dec. 15, 2021
Posted 12/15/21

Principal’s Message 

December 15, 2021

Dear Mattos Community,

The countdown to the Winter Break is in full force at Mattos where students are working hard to finish projects and are engaging in activities to support grade level buddies, peers, and our school. Our counselor has some fun things for students to do at school during lunch recess next week and our newly elected Mattos Student Leadership Representatives will be helping out with the activities which include Friendship Grams and Reindeer Games.

Another really fun and engaging activity for students to do starting now and through the Winter Break is participating in the FUSD Young Author’s Contest. Students in grades K-12 in Fremont are all invited to participate. At Mattos our K-5 students can write and illustrate original books following the FUSD Young Author Guidelines which are posted on the district website. Mr. McLeod who teaches 4th/5th grade this year is the Coordinator for the Young Author’s Program at Mattos. 

Writing and illustrating a book is a uniquely interesting activity as it helps students use their imagination, give voice to ideas, and represent their thoughts visually. It’s a great undertaking especially over the break when students have more free time and can engage their creative side fully. Please encourage your child to participate. Students can get more information from their teachers. The Mattos deadline to submit completed books is Tuesday, January 11, 2022. Students can turn in completed books to room 11. I can’t wait to see what our students come up with!

Thank you to parents who are continuing to support students with your positive involvement and attention to following protocols. I’m grateful to parents who are working with us to continue following the COVID guidelines especially around respecting the virtual nature of our school office. We will shortly be undergoing a large mid-year change that makes this even more necessary. Our wonderful secretary Jennifer Ochoa Rodriguez will be leaving Mattos and we will be undergoing the process of finding a new secretary. Ms. Cathy Ytuarte and I will be in the office working to find a great replacement and your help in making an office appointment and following the attendance and COVID Guidelines sent out several times will help us be more effective as we work with less than a full team. 

Please remember to review the COVID Guidelines for travel and symptoms. Save everyone time and save yourself stress by understanding that we are all following the posted guidelines and cannot change them. If you have to quarantine due to suspected COVID or as a result of travel you can request a quarantine packet so your child can keep up with their learning. I know sometimes travel is necessary for family, personal, and sometimes religious reasons. Our whole team wants to work with our students to help them be successful. Help us assist you by keeping children in school as much as possible for consistency and collective learning.

In speaking of teams I’d like to give a shout out to a team that has been wonderful and has supported all our students. Our Morning and Noon Duty Supervisory Team has made a huge difference at Mattos this year. Farida Bales, Carline Hom, Nilar Chou, Norma  Contreras, Menaga Ranganathan, and Gayathri Narasimhan have been outstanding at keeping kids safe outside, at recess, and during rainy day recess. These ladies are very dedicated to modeling respect and care for our kids and they make our school better every day. 


Susan Guerrero-Mattos Principal