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Principal's Message Dec. 8, 2021
Posted 12/8/21

Principal’s Message

December 8, 2021

Dear Mattos Community,

Happy Holiday Season. We have so many different celebrations in our community which is a caring and diverse group. I do know however that with gatherings and celebrations as well as travel there are issues for everyone involving safety during the pandemic. Please follow the travel, vaccination and symptom guidelines to keep yourselves and your beautiful families healthy.

We appreciate the many community members who are following the COVID Guidelines that were sent out by the district and our school. Our guidelines are based on recommendations from the County and the CDC and are not negotiable. I mention this as our office team keeps getting calls asking us to change the number of days for quarantining. The constant requests to adjust guidelines are taking up time that can be better used serving everyone. To save time please note that the guidelines in place will stay in place until we get direction from our district that they have been updated. 

Our attendance clerk Cathy Ytuarte is the point of contact for absences, tardies, and illness related questions. Her important work as our attendance clerk allows our secretary Jennifer Ochoa Rodriguez to assist parents virtually and teachers on site, and allows me to work with parents, students and teachers in other areas. As a team we all follow the exact same guidelines and instead of contacting all three of us please contact Ms.Ytuarte at 510-793-1359 and push # 7 for Attendance to report absences and clarify guidelines.  Please note that when an absence is reported to Ms. Ytuarte she then does not have to call to clear absences which saves a lot of time and allows us to keep accurate records. Also when you clarify procedures for COVID Ms. Ytuarte is respectfully sharing guidelines that we are given and cannot change.

Just a reminder: the office is set up to work virtually and we are asking community members to limit person to person contact whenever possible. A few ways to limit office person to person contact include:

  1. If a child forgets their lunch or water bottle place it on the table outside with their name and room number on it.

  2. Parents can email COVID Test results instead of bringing them in.

  3. If checking a child in or out parents can call to have someone in the office assist them on the phone and provide paperwork or sign in/out as needed.  

  4. If it is absolutely necessary to come in in person please call and make an appointment and wear a mask.

As a team we want you to know we welcome our community but also want to keep everyone safe. Thank you for working with us and for being great partners in education.



Susan Guerrero-Mattos Principal