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Principal’s Message December 1, 2021
Posted 12/1/21

Principal’s Message

December 1, 2021

Dear Mattos Community,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving and a restful break from school. It was wonderful to see the children come back this week as I missed them and always enjoy talking and interacting with them each day. Parents have raised some wonderful young people. Thank you!

With December beginning we are in our second trimester of school. Many parents met with teachers for Parent/Teacher Conferences and went over the first trimester report cards. The important action of meeting with your child’s teacher supports home/school communication, student progress, and continual collaboration so our team is grateful for all parents and guardians who were able to meet. If you were not able to meet with your child’s teacher please reach out to them via phone or email to either set up a meeting or get guidance on supporting and encouraging your child. 

Many teachers have been reaching out to parents that missed conferences in an effort to support them. Please make sure to connect with teachers who call and send messages as our team always wants to support students. Please also respond to and attend important meetings set up by the school and teachers when we contact you as we do so to make sure students are getting as much support as possible. We all need to work together!

Thank you for continuing to work together to make our drop off and pick up work more smoothly. I am really thrilled that many people are following the guidelines, especially the no left turn request. Your help is making our school safer and more efficient.

 In addition to your help we are working with students to set up a 4th/5th grade Safety Patrol that will assist us outside in the morning and in the afternoon. All 4th and 5th graders were invited to apply to be on the Safety Patrol.  The application requires students to write a short essay explaining their commitment. It also asks for parent permission and will need to be approved by the classroom teacher.

Our upper grade students are also starting the process for choosing 4th and 5th grade Class Leadership Representatives. Each 4th and 5th grade class will elect two student leadership representatives to serve on the Mattos Student Leadership Committee or MSLC which will meet on mutually scheduled days during lunch recess. Students seeking election will prepare a 1 minute speech to give in their classroom and each class will vote by ballot to choose their representatives.  Elected Representatives will then meet with me and teacher mentors to decide on appropriate leadership activities for Mattos. All students as appropriate to activities will be invited to participate. 

We hope to have Student Safety Patrol and the MSLC together prior to the Winter Break so we can meet with students and train them in their roles. The Safety Patrol and MSLC would then begin after the break in January.

With the recent holiday and the upcoming Winter Break travel has been an issue for many people. So it is important to address some concerns. Our office has received many complaints about COVID Travel Guidelines, however the guidelines were sent out to everyone prior to the break and will continue to be in effect. The school did not create the guidelines but must and will follow them as our top priority is safety for all. Please review the guidelines again so that you will not be surprised when you are asked to follow them. These guidelines were sent out to all FUSD Schools and the community and come to us from the County, and the CDC.

I know it is difficult to continue to navigate the constant changes brought about by COVID however our continued diligence around safe practices is in place to support everyone. With many students currently receiving vaccination please also review the guidelines for monitoring symptoms and follow them. This will support your child and all children.

Both travel issues and vaccination issues have brought about a need to again address attendance concerns and the importance of reporting and documenting absences.

Here is a helpful review for parents regarding calling in absences: 

  • The procedure is to call Mattos at (510)-793-1359

  •  Press #7 to reach the absence line. 

  • If you receive a message it will ask you to speak slowly and clearly, leave your child’s first and last name, teacher’s name, and the reason why your child is absent. 

  • You may also get our Attendance Clerk, Ms. Ytuarte, who will ask you for the same information. 

  • This information is then logged into our system for reporting purposes as part of the school and district attendance that all schools must keep accurately. 

If no one calls the school Ms. Ytuarte will call home and ask about your child’s absence. She does this kindly and with professionalism and is required to call if no one calls the school. You can assist us by always calling in the absence and stating the items of information requested. Please do not call or email the secretary or principal as this slows down the reporting process and causes extra unnecessary work for everyone. Your use of the absence line helps keep our records accurate and up to date.  

We have a very short time until the Winter Break. Please remember that every Wednesday is a short day at Mattos and students get out at 1:25. Students, teachers, and our office appreciate the courtesy and care of on time pick up. Your punctuality assures your child and us that we are all in sync with supporting well- being.  Thank you for your understanding and follow through.

Please make sure to review attached letters and flyers that include: Travel Guidelines, Vaccination Symptom Guidelines, and also good news about the PTA Reflections Program that is coordinated for Mattos by our awesome PTA Parent Volunteer Zeneida Lombard. It’s really exciting to see how many students are being recognized for their excellent work.


Susan Guerrero, Mattos Principal