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Principal's Message for November 17th
Posted 11/17/21

Principal’s Message

November 17. 2021

Dear Mattos Community,


I am very thankful for our wonderful community and the way everyone is working together to make sure our school is a safe and happy place. The traffic at drop off and pick up has improved tremendously thanks to the drivers following the traffic route and the no left turn rules. A big thanks as well to our awesome Mattos Team Member Farida Bales who is a patient and kind drive through supervisor.

 I appreciate the extra effort it takes to do drop off and pick up correctly and many people have mentioned that they feel it is running smoothly when everyone complies with procedures. Remember that students should have materials and supplies near them ready to grab when they exit the car on the sidewalk side. Please take the few seconds longer it takes to prepare ahead and ensure safety. When you make your child responsible for their materials it also fosters important self-reliance. Children are never too young to learn to be responsible and it builds pride in them and self-confidence when we teach them to take care of their own needs.

Our students are a really wonderful group of young leaders and they have been participating in acts of thankfulness and kindness this week during Thanksgiving Week. One of their activities was to write Thankful Grams. Students were invited to write to staff members and to friends and families. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, having an attitude of gratitude is especially important during tough times. Take a moment to reach out to someone who you are grateful for and let them know. I’d like the community to know I am thankful for you because you:

  • Continually support children and their learning

  • Care deeply about education and show it by your attendance at conferences and meetings

  • Work inside and outside of your home and still support our school

  • Act as models for students

Our librarian Ms. Kim wanted to specifically thank everyone for their recent participation in the Mattos Scholastic Book Fair which sold $8,000 in books and earned $3,700 in Scholastic Bucks for the library. 

Please remember that our last two days of school this week have a short day schedule where students are released at 1:25. We appreciate you for being on time to pick students up.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break next week as school is out all week from Monday 11/22/21 with all of us returning Monday, November 29, 2021.

Happy Holiday!


Susan Guerrero, Mattos Principal