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Safety Letter to the Community
Posted 11/4/21


Mattos Elementary School

37944 Farwell Dr.

Fremont, CA 94536

November 4, 2021


Dear Mattos Parent/Guardian,


Yesterday we received a report from a student that while waiting to be picked up from school, a stranger encouraged them to enter the stranger’s car, telling the student that their parents had given the stranger permission to pick up the student. The student quickly alerted Mattos staff of the situation. 


Our school staff contacted the Fremont Police Department and alerted Fremont Unified School District administrators. 


Student safety is always a top priority at FUSD, and we believe it is important to keep our families informed of matters related to our students’ safety. This situation is a reminder that it is critical to talk with students about how to respond to and report potentially dangerous situations.


Please review strategies with your student to help keep them safe: remind your student to travel to/from school with others if at all possible, not to engage in conversations with strangers, and to immediately notify trusted adults and/or call 911 in an emergency situation. 


Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I appreciate your partnership in keeping our students safe. 


Thank you,

 Susan Guerrero

Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal

510-793-1359 ext. 65102E