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Principal's Message - Nov. 3, 2021
Posted 11/3/21

Mattos Elementary School

Principal’s Message

November 3, 2021

Dear Community,

Thank you for supporting safety by:

  • Always wearing a mask on campus

  • Showing your understanding of the no parents on campus guidelines by refraining from entering classrooms and the campus

  • Remembering that our office, except for scheduled appointments, functions virtually as it is quite small making distancing difficult.

Our collective continued diligence with following COVID guidelines supports safety for everyone and shows that we care about our community members. Please help with this important process.

I know it is inconvenient to have restrictions especially in a community setting such as a school. It is however very important that we as adults model the important precautions we are asking children to follow to keep them safe as we continue to navigate the social and interactive setting that school represents. I appreciate parents for being responsible and for communicating through their actions that health and safety are first and foremost.

Each day at Mattos we are reminding students that they are capable, independent learners who can remember to come to school on time, with all materials and the ability to follow the rules. We also remind them that the safety precautions we have whether they involve COVID protocols or other safety practices are in place because we care about them. A calm, walking entry and exit from only the front of the school each day that is on time and orderly allows students the space to be socially distant and the ability to get where they are going without injury. The back gate is closed to make sure we are monitoring the campus carefully and your understanding regarding this is appreciated.

Please arrive for drop off and pick up in a timely way to assist with successful safe practices. Timely arrival at drop off also honors teaching and learning time allowing everyone to maximize academic instruction. When you make sure to pick up students on time it alleviates anxiety that children feel when they are waiting and wondering where you are.

Although we greatly miss our parents working with us as volunteers at school we are still being asked to not allow parents on campus and in classrooms. Please know that there are many ways you can still be involved with the school and your child’s education. If you have not done so please join our PTA today. PTA is one of the most important avenues for parent participation and our school needs parents to join. PTA offers different levels of involvement but first and foremost needs members as the small membership fee helps fund the great programs and activities PTA supports. Parents who can also work on committees are needed too as they help make activities and fundraising successful. In the last few years cuts to education have made it even more important to have high functioning volunteer groups like PTA be very active in schools. We are extremely lucky to have great PTA Parent Leaders and we all need to support their amazing efforts.

Mattos also has virtual volunteer opportunities such as the English Language Advisory Committee which allows parents of English Language Learners the opportunity to advise our School Site Council on school programs to support English Language Development. We need members to attend monthly meetings to review, discuss, and improve instruction. Please contact me if you are interested. I am available at and 510-793-1359 ext. 65102.

Be directly involved with your child’s teacher and classroom by staying in contact with teachers regarding your student. Read the class newsletter and communications home. Contact the teacher directly with questions and concerns. Respond to communications about your child and make sure to respond to invitations for Parent/Teacher conferences. 

Each day talk to your student about school and ask them to tell you what they learned. Go in depth and discuss what they enjoyed, why, and what interested them. If they have a concern please discuss with them how they think they can address it before you try to solve or fix it for them. If you work with them to problem solve they will become more resilient and feel that they have control. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t then help them with issues, it just means to encourage children to be self-sufficient and support them to succeed.

I deeply appreciate and care about parents as well as students. We have a wonderful community and I am grateful to you for being role models, mentors and partners in education. Keep up the great work and make sure to mark your calendars for Parent/Teacher conferences. 

Some important tips for conferences include:

  • Be on time and prepared to listen 

  • Consider taking notes so you can ask important questions

  • Commit to following through on suggested actions

  • Understand that this is the first trimester and students have been out of school so

whether they are above, below, or at grade level we will need to work together to

best support their continued growth.

In this Thanksgiving month I give thanks for all of you, our wonderful school and community but especially the great students we all love. Have a wonderful week.

Sincerely, Susan Guerrero