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Principal's Message 10/27
Posted 10/27/21

Principal’s Message

October 27, 2021

Dear Community,

Thank you again, for being wonderful partners in education.  I appreciate you for contacting me since I returned to Mattos, talking to me outside at drop off and pick up, emailing me, meeting with me by appointment, and collaborating on important issues. Your comments, questions and concerns are important to me and to our team so please continue to reach out to me if I can be of service. I am available at and 510-793-1359 ext. 65102.

This week our awesome counselor Erin Waterhouse set up Red Ribbon Week to promote positive school culture. The many activities in class and during lunch have allowed our students to show how committed they are to stopping bullying, pledging to be drug free, and working to be kind and compassionate citizens. Thank you for assisting students with participating by showing their commitment through wearing red and other daily visible participation actions. The conversations with kids have been really positive and I think students are showing they care deeply about creating a culture of safety and kindness. Please keep up the great support through the week.

Another way we can support a positive culture is through collaborating on getting students to be very responsible for personal items and school preparation. Please talk to students about the importance of:

  • Preparing completely for school by getting materials and supplies ready the night before

  • Bringing lunch if having home lunch and remembering to be counted in class if having school lunch

  • Making sure to bring a reusable water bottle daily (There is a filtered water station in the MPR)

  • Checking Lost and Found if they forgot an item at school (On the rack in the courtyard)

We talked to students about making sure to be counted in the lunch count if they are eating a school lunch. This is important as sometimes we run out of food if students do not raise their hand. Our kitchen is a “no cook” kitchen so when we run out of food we are completely out and we don’t want anyone to be without a lunch so we have had to take emergency measures.  We have also noticed some students bring lunch and may also get a school lunch because they happen to be offering a favorite item. The lunches are free but parents may want to discuss as a family coordinating bringing lunch or getting a school lunch so that food is not wasted. Students are throwing out a lot of food which is saddening.

I have to say the lunches students are bringing show great care and creativity. This last week I saw sandwiches that looked like ghosts, monster strawberries with chocolate eyes and teeth, carefully cut vegetables including carrot and radish roses and fruit designs, amazing healthy choices including vegetables and rice, sushi, Indian food, wraps, burritos, etc. It is said that food is love and I really enjoy seeing how much you all love your children.

I will regularly ask students to check the Lost and Found to make sure they all can account for personal items. Please reinforce this at home as jackets, lunch boxes, water bottles etc. are expensive to constantly replace. Our office has a Lost and Found for smaller items and students can ask for a referral from their teacher if they need to check it. Please remember that the office for COVID Safety reasons asks that in person contact be limited as much as possible so if a student forgets lunch or a water bottle it can be left on the table outside with the student’s name and room number on it.  Thank you for all your support. We all look forward to working with parents, seeing them at conferences and serving the community throughout the year. If you want to support our fabulous PTA and have not yet joined please join today. Have a great week!

Sincerely, Susan Guerrero