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Principal's Message 8/25/21
Posted 8/24/21



August 25, 2021


Dear Mattos Community,


Thank you for you considerate collaboration with starting school. Our first short week of in-person learning went very well with positive responses to safety procedures, entering and exiting school, social distancing and wearing masks. It was a joy to see children on sight and our students were polite, funny, and sweet. I was able to visit classes, talk to students at recess and lunch and hear about their learning. Children are resilient and their enjoyment with being back at school was great to experience as was their understanding that the procedures in place are happening for their health and wellbeing. Thank you for the outstanding parenting that goes into creating such wonderful young people. 


It is especially important to continue to guide our children positively during what is a difficult time for many people. The pandemic has brought many changes and the constant shifts in numbers bring concerns that we will all need to be flexible in addressing in an on-going way. Please be aware that I take your concerns to heart regarding the available schooling options however I cannot choose to make Mattos an on-line school as it is not within my power and we have worked to put in place safety procedures for the site according to strict protocols to protect all. All schools in FUSD are default in-person learning institutions. FUSD has determined that in school options at sites and the Virtual Academy option are the available models that can be offered at this time.  Everyone is doing the best they can in an ever changing educational landscape. We respect parents’ right to choose between the available options or if needed to seek out alternatives. I support your advocacy for your children as I am a parent and grandparent facing similar choices and challenges.


As shared last Friday I will be out on medical leave until October as I was recently called in to receive a medical intervention that has been pending and was finally scheduled after a year of waiting. Please rest assured I am fine and do not have anything anyone can catch. If children ask you can choose to let them know I am having corrective surgery or you can truthfully share that I am getting a treatment not related to COVID. 


Ms. Susan Lemke is on site this week in my place and has been working with the Mattos Team to make sure all is well. Ms. Lemke is well known and respected as an educator and leader in our district and I am grateful to have her skilled presence at our site.


Starting next week, Ms. Sumi Okuda, another experienced highly regarded educator will be coming on board until my return. Ms. Okuda, is a retired administrator who was at Mattos prior to me becoming the Mattos Principal. Ms. Okuda knows many of our staff members, is familiar with what a great community we have, and is excited to return to Mattos until my return.


Please welcome both Ms. Lemke and Ms. Okuda and assist them by continuing to follow important safety protocols. I’d like to encourage you to walk to school if possible. If you drive to drop off students by car please follow the posted signs in the drop off loop. Pull all the way forward to drop off and/or pick up children. Go to the sign that says “Student Drop off/Pick up.” When drivers stop at the opening, leave their cars, or idle for long periods, they back up traffic resulting in delays for all. Please stay in the car with the windows rolled up and only stop at the appropriate place. Please also refrain from walking between cars as it is dangerous. If picking up on foot please arrange where to meet and exit from the same entrance used to go to class as it will naturally divide the number of people on campus.


Although we cannot currently have volunteers on site we do have a need for parents to participate in the English Learner Advisory Committee or ELAC and on our School Site Council or SSC. Both ELAC and SSC require that parents agree to be nominated or nominate themselves, get elected to serve, and attend monthly meetings via Zoom. ELAC is made up of parents of English Learners who wish to weigh in on English Language Development and site programs at Mattos. One ELAC member serves as a District English Language Advisory Committee member or DELAC and attends district meetings. School Site Council Members help review and shape the School Site Plan for Student Achievement or SPSA. The SPSA  is done annually and input on budget, materials, and programs are decided by the SSC. We are currently looking for 5 ELAC members and 5 SSC members to serve. Please fill out and return a nomination form to Jennifer Ochoa in the Mattos Office by Wednesday, Sept 1, 2021 if you are interested.  The forms are attached below. Thank you for your consideration of these volunteer opportunities and for your continued support of teaching and learning at Mattos.



Susan Guerrero - Mattos Principal