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Principal's Message - June 2, 2021
Posted 6/2/21

June 2, 2021

Dear Mattos Community,

This week and next we are wrapping up assessments at all levels and completing standardized testing for 5th grade. We know that assessments can be tiring for students but they assist us in knowing how well students have mastered the standards and what we can do to plan ahead for their growth and instruction. In grades K-4 end of the year assessments also help us gauge student growth, gaps, and areas of focus for next year. For our 5th graders the CAST or California Science Test allows us to know how well students have mastered Science Standards and can apply their knowledge. Thank you for your help in having students log on to participate. Your help is greatly appreciated.

At this point in the year parents usually reach out and ask for help in supporting students over the summer. Often teachers will spend a great deal of time creating packet for students.  I’d like to suggest we not do this as students are tired and need a change that can reset their energy and curiosity. Let’s encourage them to reconnect to the joy of being kids who are active seekers of information, individual interests, and personally important knowledge. Students learn a set curriculum all year let their summer time be an exploration of different experiences that they have choice in and that you can thoughtfully support.

A suggestion this year is to unplug from technology as much as possible and have students get outside to play, ride bikes, swim, hike, and relate to nature. Turn off phones and the television and open some actual books to read under a shady tree. Encourage reading, read together, and talk about the books you read. Go to the library, check out their programs and if you or your child don’t have a library card make it a point to get one. Challenge your child to read and also write daily. Get them a journal and challenge them to write about what they care about, read and write about what they are curious about, and create their own stories and books that they write and illustrate.

For younger students use their reading to talk about letters, words, sentences, punctuation, story form, the author, the illustrator, and to practice comprehension. There is no packet needed, you can simply talk about their reading and interact together. For math practice with young students have them count their toys, categorize them, sort to subtract old things no longer needed. The really great thing is this can be part of organizing and cleaning their room. With older students have them summarize the chapters in books and discuss the characters. Ask them to predict what happens next and to defend their predictions. Later talk about whether the predictions were accurate and how they might use the text to make better predictions. To challenge students have them extend a book by rewriting or extending the ending or writing a sequel. If your student doesn’t know their math facts do some daily quizzing as a fast fun filler activity if you’re driving somewhere, hanging out, or waiting somewhere. I used to do this with my son while driving to baseball practice. It’s a few minutes and adds up but doesn’t annoy them if you make it a game.

I am attaching some resources from our wonderful school librarian Ms. Kim that will help families with their summer reading. Please also see our flyer for Spirit Day on Friday and remember to mark next week as a short week Monday through Wednesday with short days that end at 12:50. Some teachers and grade levels will be sending out Chrome Book return days and times and the school will also be having Chrome Book and Hot Spot returns on June 9th and 10th. The office will be collecting devices from 8-3.


Susan Guerrero