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Prinicpal's Message Week #33
Posted 5/5/21

May 5, 2021

Principal’s Message

Dear Mattos Community,


Thank you for your constant partnership in learning. We appreciate you for supporting us in serving your children. This week during staff appreciation week we are also very touched and thankful to our PTA and parents for their visible encouragement and love. Our staff has been celebrated and treated this week to the gorgeous expression of appreciation you see in the picture above, tasty treats for the team that is on campus, Grub Hub Luncheon, and beautiful as well as creative craft presents and other expressions of gratitude from parents. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness.


Thank you also for all who participated in the recent drive through event in support of Lilah Burdette’s art installation “Can’t Lockdown Growth.” Lilah and her mother Sarah reported getting 126 cans completed which is awesome. We do however want everyone to participate so there will be another “Can’t Lockdown Growth” drive through this Saturday at Mattos from 8am-5pm. Kindergarten parents attending the Kinder to First grade Transition Tours will want to make sure to plan to stop by and have your student do a can so our youngest students can be sure to be a part of Mattos History. Please sign up for a tour if you haven’t already and also plan to participate in the drive through event. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in their masks supporting both these worthy endeavors.



5th grade parents- at our monthly School Site Council Meeting we recently discussed possible scenarios for our students end of the year transition to Middle School. We are planning to do a virtual ceremony followed by a drive through event. We will be setting up a meeting soon to work with interested parents who wish to serve on various promotion committees.


In both 4th and 5th grade teachers are planning for the CHPSE or Comprehensive Health Puberty and Sexuality Curriculum. Both grades will be sending out more information to parents however the following timeline is being set:

4th grade is planning to deliver lesson the week of May 24th and 5th grade will be doing lesson the week of May 31st. Please see the attached letter that provides information.

This year as mentioned previously Kindergarten is assessing students using ESGI which allows teachers to do a thorough assessment using an online platform. In grades 1-5 we used i-Ready which we are also allowed to use for grade 3-5 in lieu of CAASP Testing. We will however be required to do the 5th grade standardized test CAST which stands for the California Science Test.


Our 5th grade teams will be testing as follows:


Mr. McLeod-:Tuesday May 18- Chrome book pick up for those who need them.


Wednesday, May 19 through-Thursday, May 20-CAST Testing.


Friday, May 20 –Return Chrome books


Ms. Rodriguez and Mr. Schroeder: Tuesday May 25 - Chrome book pick up for those who need them.


Wednesday, May 26 through-Thursday, May 27 - CAST Testing.


Friday, May 28–Return Chrome books


It is very important that all students are rested, ready, and participate fully in testing on the test dates. It’s important to know how our students are doing and the testing gives an opportunity to check on their learning progress.

Please support us in assessing all students.

Thank you in advance for planning to have your student ready.



Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal



May 5, 2021


Dear Mattos Parents/Guardians: 


The Fremont Unified School District Board of Education and our school faculty believe it is important for students to assume responsibility for their own health and well-being. They benefit from instruction that fosters the development of positive health behaviors and the prevention of negative unhealthy behaviors. FUSD’s Comprehensive Health, Puberty, and Sexuality Education (CHPSE) curriculum focuses on information that is essential for students’ well-being. This course of study conforms strictly to the guidelines provided by the California State Education Code 51933 and the California Healthy Youth Act.  


At Mattos our 4th grade is planning to deliver lessons the week of May 24th and 5th grade will be doing lessons the week of May 31st.

State law allows you to remove your student from part or all of the Comprehensive Health, Puberty, and Sexuality lessons. Students opting out of lessons will be provided an alternate curriculum under the supervision of a credentialed teacher.  If you do not want your student to participate in all or part of the Comprehensive Health, Puberty, and Sexuality education program, you must provide, in writing (email or on paper), a note to your student’s teacher one week prior to lessons being given.


Links to the curriculum, opt-out information, and parent resources, can be found at:


Thank you,

Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal




Mattos Yearbook

The PTA has worked hard all year to support our amazing school, teachers and students. Did you think we would end the year without a yearbook? But first, we need your help to create this virtual yearbook!!!

You will receive a note from your teacher to upload your student photos by May 10. You can find the links you need and the letter attached.

Email with any questions.


Fall Registration Continuing Students for 2021-2022  

Parents of students currently attending this year (including 5th graders) are required to reserve their child’s spot for the 2021- 2022 school year and submit two current residency proofs online via their IC (Infinite Campus) Parent Portal. 

If you haven’t set up your portal, please go to your portal now to register your child for the fall and upload your proof of  residency documents into a form. Per the FUSD Board Policy on Admission/Residence Verification (BP5111/BP5111.1) this is  a requirement for continuing enrollment: 

1. Upload 2 valid residency proofs (current within 45 days) 

2. Review all your contact information for accuracy and remove any duplicate contacts listed 

3. Upload shot records if you started the year missing any immunizations for TK, K as they continue to be required despite the COVID-19 circumstances 

Please do not delay in reserving your child’s spot for the 2021-2022 school year. (The form is listed as this current year, even though it is for next school year) Even if you don’t plan to attend any FUSD school in the fall, please complete the online process and let us know so that we are ready to send your child’s cumulative file to their next school. If you have any questions or need help, please contact