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Principal's Message Week # 31
Posted 4/21/21



April 21, 2021

Dear Community,

Imagine having a vision of creating something bigger than yourself and following through by creating a project that invites every student in our school to share how they have grown this past year. There is nothing quite like a big dream organized to include all students and creative enough to allow each individual to share the best of themselves. You now have the opportunity to realize that vision by supporting “You Can’t Lockdown Growth,” an innovative art installation dreamed up by a young Mattos Leader named Lilah Burdette.


Lilah, our 5th grade Student Body President at Mattos, has put together a project inviting all students to participate in her Girl Scout Bronze Award Project, “You Can't Lockdown Growth."

In response to months of sheltering in place during her last year at Mattos., instead of getting depressed Lilah got busy. She put her heart and mind to work looking for opportunities to grow and thrive. Lilah explored new things such as writing to international pen pals and learning new skills. She thought about how she could connect with others to bring about visible and sustainable hope, and she focused on having a positive impact through using her Girl Scout Bronze Project to serve others in a powerful and meaningful way.


All Lilah’s efforts have led her to create a project that all students can be a part of and that parents and the community can help complete with their participation. Please help a young leader’s big dream come true and take a minute to view Lilah’s presentation 'You Can't Lock Down Growth" to be involved in Lilah’s unique community project. Find out how you can support your child to support their peer, express themselves, and be a part of a cool project that the community can enjoy for many years to come. Please view the presentation linked here to find out how Can't Lockdown Growth


The goal is to have all students participate and we need everyone to not just imagine but to act. Let's take a lesson from one of our students and focus on doing something positive. Lilah is an extraordinary person with a lot of passion and vision. She has been working on this project for months and braved the long approval process to get it approved to move forward now. Please help me, help her, realize the completion of an amazing art installation that will celebrate all our students. View her presentation, mark your calendars to have your child participate, and be a part of something that is positive and bigger than all of us.



Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal



First Day of School for the 2021-2022 School Year is Wednesday August 18th


If you have moved, FUSD School Board Policy states the family must inform the school within 5 days of your moving date and  complete the required process for the new address. Please contact us at so the school can email your  family the appropriate forms to fill out. 

Parent Portal 

Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) has implemented a new student information system (SIS) called Infinite Campus.  Infinite Campus is a district-wide SIS designed to manage attendance, grades, schedules, and other information about our  students. Parents/guardians will have access to Campus Portal, which is a confidential and secure website that  allows parents/guardians to log in and view their child's progress in school. There is also an app called Campus Parent, which  is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

Families were first sent an email on 2/5/21 from our FUSD IT Department with information needed to register their IC Parent  Portal. Please check your email and spam folders. Recently, two more emails went out requesting parents create their portal  using their unique activation code. If you have any questions or need your GUID number please  email The parent portal is how you will provide your proof of residency and whether you intend to  return to Mattos or FUSD for the 2021-2022 school year.  

Fall Registration Continuing Students for 2021-2022  

Parents of students currently attending this year (including 5th graders) are required to reserve their child’s spot for the 2021- 2022 school year and submit two current residency proofs online via their IC (Infinite Campus) Parent Portal. 

If you haven’t set up your portal, please go to your portal now to register your child for the fall and upload your proof of  residency documents into a form. Per the FUSD Board Policy on Admission/Residence Verification (BP5111/BP5111.1) this is  a requirement for continuing enrollment: 

1. Upload 2 valid residency proofs (current within 45 days) 

2. Review all your contact information for accuracy and remove any duplicate contacts listed 

3. Upload shot records if you started the year missing any immunizations for TK, K as they continue to be required  despite the COVID-19 circumstances 

Please do not delay in reserving your child’s spot for the 2021-2022 school year. (The form is listed as this current year, even  though it is for next school year) Even if you don’t plan to attend any FUSD school in the fall, please complete the online  process and let us know so that we are ready to send your child’s cumulative file to their next school. If you have any questions  or need help, please contact 


Nothing can replace learning time with the classroom teacher. However, if your child is too sick to participate in  distance learning, please call the office at: 

510-793-1359 Extension #7 to leave a message, or email Ms. Ytuarte our Office Assistant at: 

Any absence not reported will be considered truancy and unexcused.