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Principal's Newsletter Week # 29
Posted 3/31/21



March 31, 2021

Dear Community,


It was wonderful to see children and families at the Bingo Night recently hosted by the PTA. I was glad to see so many of our beautiful children as I miss our students and hope for their return to school pending the resolution of current negotiations, school and district planning, and positive changes in COVID numbers.


In continuing in Distance Learning at this time please be responsive to teachers who have planned for instruction and prepared quality work for our students. In addition to online lesson teachers and grade level teams have been regularly preparing and sending out work for students to engage in and complete. It’s very important that you help your child follow through by picking up the work packets and seeing that they complete them and turn them in. Regular office hours are held by every teacher to assist with assignments but students have to have the work and engage in it. School continues to be about learning and growing even if it looks different from what we have been used to in the past.


We know that it is hard to balance your work which may be in or out of the home and your students’ work and learning. Our understanding comes from the fact that our own experiences with balancing the same issues lets us know the challenges being faced. Please work with us as we address your children’s learning needs together.


This week, as we approach Spring Break please remember that tomorrow is a minimum day and Friday there is no school. Students will be off next week for Spring Break and can hopefully enjoy a much needed break from technology. A few suggestions for technology turn offs during the break:


  • Limit or eliminate screen time from all devices
  • Turn off phones as a family during designated family time (meals especially)
  • Take walks, bike rides, hike or take a drive
  • Reconnect with nature at parks and beaches.
  • Have your own Bingo or Game Night
  • Read in the sunshine
  • Use the time to catch up on written work and student projects


When school resumes we will be working through the third trimester and approaching the end of the school year and we will all need to encourage students to stay focused. Remember to check in with them and make sure they are logged into class as sometimes they are not and our office can see this. The same way we used to pass notes or doodle in class, students are now sometimes using the digital equivalent and messaging each other or logging on to non-approved sites to play games. It’s important we all work together to make sure kids are not checking out of class. Please check to make sure your student is on track and getting the most out of instruction.


Thank you so much for supporting your children and our work together. Have a wonderful Spring Break!




Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal