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Principal's Message Week # 28
Posted 3/24/21



March 24, 2021



Dear Community,


We are working very hard to complete the ELPAC and i-ready testing by the deadlines set for each and I wanted to thank parents for their support. Thank you for checking out the testing materials sent home by teachers and the school and for preparing devices so that students could be ready for testing. Parent support with student on-time and on-task attendance has been very helpful. As we work to complete the testing please continue to encourage students to try their best. Doing the best you can in unknown circumstances is a life skill that everyone can benefit from and I know this last year has been one where we have all practiced learning how to handle new situations. Thank you for your continued commitment to working together.


At our school we are working together as a team whether we are on site or working remotely. This last week I met with our Mattos K-5 Leadership Team and Safety Committee and invited our site Representatives from FUDTA, CSEA, and SEIU to come together during our Leadership Team Meeting to collaborate on health and safety protocols for when we return to school in the future.   I also met with our school nurse to discuss health and safety processes and worked directly with our site and district maintenance team members to make sure we are properly preparing for the different scenarios being proposed. Although at this time we are all awaiting resolution of next steps pending negotiations Mattos is being prepared thoughtfully and carefully. Our first priority is working together to serve children and the community in a safe and positive way.


In addition to the Parent Declaration Survey sent out by FUSD a Teacher /Staff Survey was also done and our district continues to meet in negotiations to finalize plans for our school and all schools in FUSD. This is on-going work that you can follow through reading our Superintendent’s updates and by checking out the readiness page on the district website Please stay informed and when given the opportunity through surveys and other means please share your views. We value our parents and want to serve you well.


Parents should have been able to access second trimester reports in the Parent Portal this weekend. Please remember when reviewing report cards that it is normal for student scores to sometimes fluctuate as they advance through the grade levels and the trimesters as the level of standards can become more rigorous and complex over time. Parents should resist the temptation to compare one trimester to the next or one year to the next and instead examine which standards their student is doing well in and which are challenging now. This is especially important as students transition from primary to upper elementary. Each year at this time I get inquiries about students who may have done exceptionally well in the first trimester when the level they need to achieve is less than in the second trimester. I also get parents concerned that in a lower grade their student did better than in their current grade. This often happens when student move from 3rd to 4th grade. This occurs as students transition from primary where they are learning how to read and calculate to working in upper elementary where they are reading to learn and problem solving while also more thoroughly explaining their thinking and analysis. As always if you have questions concerning your child’s learning and growth it is important to discuss your concerns directly with their teacher. Our teachers continue to offer office hours for students and are happy to discuss student growth and learning with parents. Thank you for all you do and please continue to reach out to support continued collaboration.





Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal