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Principal's Message Week # 27
Posted 3/17/21

March 17, 2021

Dear Community,


Thank you to the many parents and guardians who have taken the time to fill out the recent Parent Survey concerning parent preferences regarding distance learning or a return to school. Your input is very important as it helps guide the planning and actions that can occur as we as a community work to meet the needs of students and families while also working with our wonderful school team to create the best possible learning options for your child. I appreciate you all for taking the time to thoughtfully provide input and I urge anyone who has not yet done so to please complete the survey. The survey will close after today and our goal is to have everyone share their input. English:


I appreciate all of you for your continued hard work at home as so many people are balancing professional and parental responsibilities. I know this can be hard and I want to praise everyone for their efforts especially regarding assisting appropriately with the current testing for ELPAC and the i-ready diagnostic. Parents have been great about assisting students with log on and technical computer issues but not with test content. I really appreciate this as it allows our site to follow the strict guidelines for testing that will give us accurate information on students.


ELPAC results are not immediate but play an important part in allowing for careful assessment of language development level and whether or not a student can be reclassified as English Proficient. ELPAC, like SBAC, has careful protocols for testing that must be followed and your help at home has been invaluable. The i-ready diagnostic which tests ELA and Math grade level standards allows for timely review and analysis of students’ current level and understanding of English Language Arts and Math and helps us see what students know and where gaps may or may not be to allow for more targeted instruction. This is vital as we all want students to get the best instruction possible. So far, we have seen that most students are engaging really well with testing situations. We’re proud of our hard working students and grateful to parents for their support. Thank you so much and please keep up the good work.


I’m also proud of our Mattos Team of classified and certificated team members who are collaborating to provide the best possible on-going instruction while also collaborating to create a safe site. Everyone has worked really hard to make sure students have access to work and resources during this time. Please make sure to support teachers’ hard work in preparing materials by picking them up on time according to your class schedule. This allows all students access, When doing pick up or in some cases drop off remember to wear a mask at all times. We are requiring all staff to wear a mask and ask that all community members do so as well.


The campus is currently closed except for drop off or pick up, the Learning Hubs, and/or scheduled appointments. No one else should be on campus for the health and safety of all during 8-4 work hours. I’ve recently been seeing families and visitors on campus without masks during those times. Please do not walk dogs, play on structures, or utilize the facility during what would normally be school hours as staff is working and sheltering at the school and we are working to minimize contact. We do not want to seem unfriendly but this is a health and safety issue that is in place for everyone.


When we are able to return to school we will be sending out more guidelines for health and safety based on the best recommendations of our district. Please be prepared to learn and follow these as they will be a new and necessary part of our school culture. I will be meeting with our Mattos K-5 Leadership Team and Safety Committee and have invited our site FUDTA Representatives to meet today during our Leadership Team Meeting to collaborate on health and safety protocols for when we do return to school in the future. Please feel free to share your ideas with me as well at .


I appreciate you all for your continued care and collaboration.



Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal