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Principal's Newsletter Week # 23
Posted 2/17/21

February 17, 2021

Dear Community,


I hope everyone had a good three day weekend and enjoyed Valentine’s Day! This week we are gearing up for upcoming testing of our English Language Learners, Diagnostic Testing for all our students, and finishing up lessons, projects, and assessments for report cards.


I’d like to remind parents and guardians of the importance of continuing to support students and teachers as distance learning continues. Classes have protocols in place for maximizing teaching and learning and it is important that everyone support the process. Please remember that we ask that:


  • Students attend each day on time and ready to learn with all materials organized and at hand
  • Students turn their camera on to better be seen and heard as well as called on and to gauge participation
  • Students refrain from the use of virtual backgrounds as it is hard for shared work to be seen
  • Students attend office hours for assistance
  • Parents be supportive of students while allowing the student to do things for themselves
  • Parents assist if technical difficulties arise but do not provide answers to students especially with assessments
  • Everyone communicate kindly when problems occur as all people are working hard


Our team at Mattos is very appreciative of all that parents and guardians are doing for children and I want to personally assure you that when you hear from teachers, staff, or me we are contacting you to support you and the success of your student or students. The school is committed to continuing to provide careful, caring, and comprehensive instruction and support. Teachers have been working very hard and training continually to bring thoughtful and engaging lessons to families during distance learning. We are aware this format can be taxing so again we encourage getting support through office hours.


Please be aware that in addition to teachers, our specialists and paraprofessionals are also an important part of classes. When you see a specialist they are fulfilling specialized duties or instruction. You may also see paraprofessionals providing in class support through visual, verbal or written means in the chat feature. When you see a paraprofessional working with a child or redirecting a student or students they are doing so as part of their important duties in classrooms.


I visit classrooms to monitor lessons, do observations, and sometimes to participate in classes or read to students. We also have district visitors come to classes and visit to see what we are doing. This is our district making a commitment to provide the best possible situation for students during the pandemic. We are working to constantly improve and we appreciate the community members who have contacted us and provided feedback.


We will continue to need your help with making sure students stay on task such as logging in, participating, and doing their work. We ask that you allow students to take responsibility for their learning by doing their own work. This does not mean you should not explain something if students are confused but it does mean not simply giving them correct answers. Learning is a process that can be difficult in the best of times. At this time, with everyone at home, working, learning, and also feeling the strain of a prolonged pandemic, everyone can get very anxious. Please allow your selves to stop, take a breath, and think about how we can help.


  • I am here as the principal to address school concerns and parent/student/community support issues
  • Our office is available virtually to address attendance, registration, transfers, and other paper work tasks
  • Teachers offer daily Office Hours to address learning issues
  • Specialists will respond to needs via email, phone calls, and Zoom
  • Paraprofessionals directly support students and staff through organization, observation and intervention


I continue to be impressed with how hard everyone is working including our parents and community members. Thank you for letting us serve you and your beautiful children.



Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal


From FUSD Student Support Services:

Enrollment Priority Period--enrollment has started for NEW students for TK and Kindergarten (and Grades1-5 that are siblings of current students)--be sure to read this information and REGISTER your child for 2021-2022 TK or Kindergarten classes.  Don’t Delay--Priority Period ends 3/12/2021.   Registration for students NEW to FUSD for Grades 1-6 begins April, and TK/K registration will reopen--read the timeline. Information about the process for continuing students will be shared as soon as it is available. 

Moving? If you have moved, FUSD School Board Policy states the family must inform the school within 5 days of your moving date and complete the required process for the new address. Please contact us at so the school can email your family the appropriate forms to fill out. 


Parent Portal:

Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) has implemented a new student information system (SIS) called Infinite Campus. Infinite Campus is a district-wide SIS designed to manage attendance, grades, schedules, and other information about our students.  Parents/guardians will have access to Campus Portal, which is a confidential and secure website that allows parents/guardians to log in and view their child's progress in school. There is also an app called Campus Parent, which is available for both iOS and Android devices.  If you have any questions or need your GUID number please email  The parent portal is how you will provide your proof of residency and whether you intend to return to Mattos or FUSD for the 2021-2022 school year.