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Principal's Message Week #19
Posted 1/20/21


January 20, 2021

Dear Community,


Thank you for your continued support of Mattos and your involvement in making our school better through your advocacy and input. I appreciate the many parents who are reaching out to teachers and to me so we can serve you well. As partners in education I want you to know how much we all value your contributions to your child’s education and your support of the teachers that are working with you.


Our teachers at Mattos are working hard to support students and will be sending out progress reports this Friday the 22nd for students who are not meeting standards. Please see these reports as the support they are intended to be as students and parents need to know what areas students need help with and our partnership can only flourish with two way communication and action. Not every child will receive a progress report as if students are meeting standards their current course of study is thought to be working effectively for them. If your child does receive a progress report please look closely at the information provided and the actions suggested to help your student. Please take action on the advice offered in the reports.


For students who are doing well and thriving I know parents may be looking on their own for what more they can do and possibly what more the school can provide. Recently parents have been asking teachers and the school to get involved with different programs they have discovered including different competitions. Please know that while we appreciate hearing about outside programs you are interested in we cannot as a school participate in or sponsor academic competitions. Different organizations that offer such programs can be very positive and parents can choose to participate on their own however as they are not part of our school or district plan Mattos will not be sponsoring these different competitions and teachers are not expected to support them.


Our teachers are already providing differentiated instruction in classes in a variety of ways to support the full range of students. In Inclusion classes teachers co-teach the whole class, teach small groups, and also work with individual students utilizing both teachers and assigned paraprofessionals to provide extensive support at the appropriate level for all students at a wide range. Our single teacher classes also utilize whole group, small group and individual support as needed however the range can be met by a single teacher. All classes have office hours for students to receive help and support and teachers can be reached via email to directly support parents. Communication is key between all stakeholders and begins in class where all students, even our youngest, are made aware of their schedules, agendas and responsibilities. Students and parents should know and be aware of the expectations of their classroom however if they are not for some reason questions about a class should be directed to the teacher. Students can reach them during office hours and parents can email them directly. Our teachers also regularly contact parents when needed. If the teacher is contacting you please respond positively and work with them as they are reaching out to support you and your child or children. This takes dedication, time, and effort on the part of teachers who want the best for students. Please help them help you.


Thank you to the parents who attended last week’s Community Coffee. I appreciated your input and ideas and also was privileged that you shared the challenges parents are facing and your hopes for the future as we continue to navigate school during COVID 19. As a result of our meeting and recent meetings with students, teachers, and school groups in February we will have some social opportunities for students in grades K-5 that will be fun for kids .




Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal