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Prinicpal's Message Week #18
Posted 1/13/21

January 13, 2021

Dear Community,


Last week right after I sent out our community message hoping for 2021 to help us all leave behind the negativity of 2020; I heard the news about what was happening in Washington, D.C.  With the New Year barely a few days old it seemed to dash everyone’s hope for a more positive future yet I would ask you to still keep that spark of hope alive. We are all agents for positive change no matter what is transpiring and our children need us to communicate that now more than ever.


I’ve been an educator for 30 years and it has never been easy so if things are difficult I say let’s still do our best. I am an educator for many reasons but some of the main reasons are that I love children, families, and communities. I love teaching and learning. I truly believe children are our future and that we as their guides and mentors in the present are responsible for protecting, hope, dreams, and a just and productive society. When we educate our children we need to do more than teach them academics. We need to teach them resiliency, a growth mindset, empathy, compassion, and integrity. Use the circumstances we are all facing to teach your children your best values and support them as citizens and scholars.


Talk to your children about what is going on in the world as appropriate to their age and understanding, share news from newspapers and television and discuss it. We are living not just in unprecedented times but in a particular historical time. Examine how best to address it as a family.


Also share ideas and opinions about other things asking children about their learning, what they are curious about, and what they want to learn about. I remember as a child wondering what to respond when adults asked me “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  The phrase…”when you grow up,” suggested I had to wait until some undefined time to become something. I suggest asking children instead what they want to accomplish now and then explore with them how they can reach their goals.


Since my last communication, among other things I’ve finalized plans with our counselor Haley Bautista about providing a Lunch Bunch opportunity for students to socialize. Haley has set up a Virtual Mattos Lunch Bunch for students every Tuesday in February. Please see the flyer below and encourage students to join for self- care and socialization.


I’d like to also invite parents to join me this Friday for a virtual Mattos Community Coffee. This is an opportunity to share information about our on-going work at Mattos and to provide parents with an opportunity to share their ideas about other ways to support students and families. Please join me on Zoom @ 9:00 am this Friday, January 15th. The link is:

Meeting ID: 912 7839 7275 Passcode: MATTOSCAFE


I look forward to speaking with you!



Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal