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Principal's Message Week #15
Posted 12/9/20

December 9, 2020

Dear Community,

Thank you for the work you are personally doing to collaborate with our team. If I can assist you please contact me at I am happy to help. I can also be reached at 510-793-1359 ext. 65102 which is my direct office line. Even remotely I can access messages and will work to get right back to you. I have to say I really miss seeing and being with everyone and meeting with students and parents in person.  At this time however we are working to be as safe as possible and although Zoom is not quite the same I’d still like to invite you to a virtual Community Coffee on Zoom this Friday, December 11th from 9-10 a.m. Please use the following link to attend: Mattos Coffee Social December 11th 9-10 am or Meeting ID: 943 2524 4680 password: MATTOSCAFE.  If you have questions or need the link sent to you email


Our school has always prided itself on being a friendly neighborhood community school. We always want to be good neighbors and great friends however as we have moved into purple status with COVID 19 we are also working even harder to be a safer campus. Please do not be offended when you see signs posted asking community members to refrain from being on campus unless they have a scheduled pick up, drop off, or appointment. We want you to stay safe and healthy and we want staff to be able to work in a safe manner that allows for their full focus on teaching and learning when they are on site.


Unfortunately our precautions also mean closing the playground as we do not have the custodial capacity to continually disinfect the playground equipment. The equipment is caution taped to remind everyone to refrain from utilizing it. As we are asking that everyone not visit the campus unless they are doing scheduled no-contact activities like drop off or pick up we are again looking out for the safety of our community.


In addition, no one except Fremont Unified School District Employees should be driving onto campus as it presents a liability to the site and district. We care deeply about our neighbors and community and it pains me to have to specifically deny access but I am looking out for everyone when I do. I am also following best practice guidelines for our facility and the entire community that I have been asked to follow.


Thank you to the parents and community members that attended Superintendent C.J. Cammack’s recent Kennedy Attendance Area Town Hall Meeting. It included a presentation on the budget that was clear and to the point. I appreciated the insightful questions parents had as well as the thoughtful responses given.   This is the type of communication and collaboration that we will need to continue to have and it has to occur at the class, site, and district level. Clear communication will require that everyone actually:

  • Read communications that are sent out from teachers, the school and our district
  • Regularly check our site and district websites for updates and information
  • Engage in opportunities for conversation
  • Be involved with school groups such as PTA, ELAC and SSC
  • Attend Information Events and Town Hall Meetings
  • Ask questions and seek positive solutions
  • Continue to Collaborate with open hearts and minds

Please stay safe, active, healthy and happy. Practice proactive processes for social distancing, remaining responsible mask models, staying active outside of school grounds in back yards and family areas, de-stressing from screens using board games, books, and puzzles. Encourage kids to create art, cards, and other creations that are hands on, original and allow them to use their imaginations.



Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal






FUSD GATE Information


Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) provides support for gifted and talented (GATE) students through differentiated instruction. We believe that differentiated instruction not only serves the needs of our exceptional students, but also enhances the entire educational program for all students.  


n February of 2020, funding for the CogAT testing was cut as part of the budget savings.  While the CogAT testing has been the primary means of qualifying students for GATE identification we are now in the process of identifying an alternative way of identifying students.  There will not be a test for GATE eligibility given this year.  We are currently revising the GATE identification process and handbook FUSD will have an update by Spring 2021.  

During the 2020/21 school year we will continue to identify 5th and 6th grade students who were not identified in an earlier grade.  These students may be considered for GATE identification through the professional judgement process.  Teachers (staff only) and/or parents may nominate a student. A completed nomination form must be submitted by the teacher or parent to the school Principal by December 11, 2020.  Principals will set up meetings with the teacher, student, and parent to discuss the student’s eligibility for GATE identification.  In June 2021, parents, teachers, and students who applied for professional judgement will be informed of their child’s GATE eligibility.

Sibling Priority Enrollment


For siblings of current Mattos students, you need to enroll your child between January 11th and March 12th for sibling priority.  More information about the enrollment process can be found at: FUSD 2021-2022 New Student Enrollment.  If you have any questions you can email Liz at