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Principal's Message Week # 13
Posted 11/18/20

November 18, 2020

Dear Community,

At last week’s meeting our FUSD School Board tabled the discussion about students returning to school. As you likely know the changes in the number of COVID cases results in different color designations that measure public safety and our county is currently designated as purple which indicates closures of different businesses and does not indicate opening up school at this time. This is a constantly changing situation however and just as we are all working to make sure we are addressing safety our school and community leadership is as well. I know everyone would like to see students back in school when it is safe and it may be difficult to continue with distance learning however I have found many reasons to be very thankful as I have been reviewing report cards, attending conferences and visiting classrooms.


Some of the things I am really thankful for are:

  • Many parents have been excellent partners in education continually supporting their students and teachers
  • Parents are virtually attending conferences prepared to discuss and learn more about working as partners
  • We are very lucky that often the conferences include both parents or a parent and grandparent or sibling
  • Participation is excellent via Zoom as people attending remotely are saving time and can come together more easily
  • Report card reviews indicate great student progress in a variety of areas
  • In examining trends in learning and personal progress many students are becoming more proficient and independent Also, students are learning to be responsible for their learning and are using a variety of excellent resources on-line
  • Teachers have created awesome on-line classrooms and put together interesting lessons and projects for students
  • Our specialists have been forward thinking and engaging getting students involved in PE, Science and Computer
  • Inclusion and General Education classes have provided thorough supports for the range of student learners

On another note I do know that although there are many things to be thankful for the continued sheltering in place, on line learning and social distancing takes a toll on everyone and sometimes it can be hard to remember to be thankful. As we head into the Thanksgiving Break this next week please allow yourselves time to relax a little, have fun, and spend quality time as a family. I know everyone has different work schedules but you have the week off from being teachers at home and I hope you can enjoy it.


Thank you very much for the work you do as parents. I am very grateful and so is our team. Our community is one of the kindest and most caring I have ever worked with and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and break.


Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal