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Principal's Message Week # 12
Posted 11/12/20

November 12, 2020


Dear Community, The FUSD School Board is meeting tonight to discuss many important aspects of our school programs and will be examining data and reports to make recommendations about when and how we may be able to return to school. This is of course a complex issue and will take time, study, and thoughtful action. Some of these things have already occurred such as surveying the community, looking into appropriate models and action steps, and examining a variety of issues. We should have information about a plan soon. In the interim we still need to be dedicated to doing our best to support our students in a united way.


Some clear steps you can take are:

 Continue to have students attend school on time daily.

 Students should be dressed, fed, and prepared with materials at the ready.

 Questions and concerns from students can be handled during class and Teacher Office Hours as appropriate.

 Students need to be proactive, present, and aware and need to support parents and teachers by completing work and turning it in on time.

 Parents can support responsible student behavior by fostering student accountability and expecting their students to complete and turn in assignments in a timely manner.

 Parents with questions can email teachers and can often set up a time to speak to them during office hours.

 Sometimes life throws students, parents, and/or teachers a curve ball so please communicate extenuating circumstances or the need for support so we can help.

 Classes are instruction focused and should not be interrupted for concerns not related to the immediate lesson.

 If an assessment is occurring parents and care givers should not assist at all as this invalidates tests.

 Understand that tests, quizzes and other assessments are important indicators of what a student knows and can do.

 If students are not encouraged to try their best without outside assistance on assessments we cannot adjust instruction appropriately to support actual growth and learning where it may be needed.

 Report cards are indicators of student performance and work completion in relationship to the standards presented.

 There should be no shame in receiving information regarding progress as it is feedback to assist with growth.

 We do not say someone is failing we say they are not meeting the standard.

 Please be aware that it is important to make and keep your Parent/Teacher Conference appointment.

 If you have not responded to communications sent out please know the intent is to help and support. Your responses are needed to assist you.

 On time attendance at conferences will allow for the best interaction to support all and seeking positive understanding will aid in creating a good working relationship to support students.


I’ve been talking to, meeting with, and doing conferences and home visits with community members and I want you all to know I’ve seen first-hand how hard parents are working. I’ve also seen teachers here early in the morning and into the evening working long hours to create a comprehensive distance learning program. Be kind and caring to each other as together our hard work will benefit the children we all love. Together we can all make the world better by encouraging students to be their best and brightest selves.


Sincerely, Susan Guerrero - Mattos Principal