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Principal's Message Week # 11
Posted 11/4/20

November 4, 2020
Dear Community,
The first trimester ends next Friday, November 13 th and teachers will be distributing report cards soon after as part of
Parent/Teacher Conferences. Please make sure to set up Parent/Teacher conferences in collaboration with your teacher.
Once you have set a conference date do not miss it as conferences in the first trimester are the best time to address your
student’s progress and development. Conferences help students who are progressing well continue to do so and also help
those that need more support get help both at home and at school.

When teachers set up a conference they are designating important time to meet with you as partners in education. Parents
on time attendance helps teachers spend quality time working with you as partners so that you have the resources to better
assist your child with their education. The remote nature of Zoom conferences should allow even the busiest parents to
attend the upcoming virtual conferences. Please commit to setting up and following through on Parent/Teacher conferences.


In our first trimester of school some very important processes and procedures occur that help support your student.
Teachers utilize a large segment of time reviewing and assessing baseline information and gathering data to inform
instruction. Classes set and practice the processes and routines to best support teaching and learning and to promote a well-
balanced program for students. New material is introduced that supports mastery of your child’s grade level standards. Your
child must be present each day on-time, complete their work, and turn their work in as directed. Students must attend PE,
Science, and Computer as well as Office Hours as needed and/or directed. All of these educational components contribute to
your students’ on-going progress and growth.


Our team has created many ways to assist and have spent many hours calling, emailing, and conferencing with our
community members because we want students to be successful. In addition I have also made phone calls, sent letters and
done home visits. We know parents are also working hard as many staff members are parents too and after teaching all day
need to teach their own children and/or support their learning. Everyone understands that this is a difficult time. Let’s make
sure we are supporting our joint work by being thoughtful of each other’s time and asking students to be as well. Give your
child the character gifts of self-reliance and resiliency by continuing to expect scholarly behavior during distance learning.
Children should be up and awake, dressed, already fed, and present in their Google or Zoom classroom on time daily. School
is real and the importance of working toward mastery of the standards is important to every child’s appropriate education.
Our Team at Mattos is grateful to all who are working to keep students learning.

For parents that feel their child needs more challenges please know that teachers are happy to work with you to help you
create your own home directed opportunities for your student but they cannot continually create more and more work.
Consider working with your child on extensions to their learning through choice reading, self-directed writing, innovative play
that incorporates reading, writing, and art. For younger students have them create a game from a story they love and then
play the game as a family. With older kids suggest they make a short video on a subject they like or about a story they have
created. If they have a passionate interest in something have them research their passion and share it with family and friends.
Incorporate home activities such as cooking and cleaning up with you into their day so they can be helpful and enjoy creating
a positive home environment and a good meal. Jobs can be very positive learning for children and help them feel in control
during a time when many things seem uncertain.

Thank you for doing the hard work of being great parents and considerate partners in education. Please continue to be in
contact about issues and concerns. I appreciate the parents and community members that have contacted me for assistance
and I can continue to be reached at: or 510-793-1359 extension 65102. Feel free to contact me if I can
assist you. I am happy to help!

Sincerely, Susan Guerrero - Mattos Principal