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Principal Message Week # 8
Posted 10/14/20



October 14, 2020

Dear Community,

This week is Bullying Prevention Week and even though we are doing distance learning and students are not physically in school, it is important that we make them aware of the importance of preventing bullying. It is especially important during this time when students are on-line both socially and for school. Parents should be aware that bullying can occur digitally. Please make sure to monitor your child’s use of the internet. Be aware of who they are communicating with and whether or not the communication is appropriate. Although we did our Annual Mandated Anti-Bullying Presentation for grades 4-5 this week, I feel it is important for all children to be aware that bullying is not allowed in any form and I am asking all parents to have a heart to heart with their children about the importance of being kind, caring and considerate. This is especially important at this time when all people are very stressed by social distancing and the pandemic.


Please let your child know that at Mattos because we are in distance learning we are working extra hard to connect digitally in positive ways. Let children know that good “netiquette” which is etiquette on-line involves communicating in clear, kind and appropriate ways. In classes, the norms of the classroom should be followed. To disturb others through words or actions is not okay. Blurting, interrupting, talking over others, or having side conversations should not occur just as in a regular class, students should be attending to instruction. In addition, although students are in their homes, their homes should not be interrupting their classrooms.


I have three dogs at home so I make sure to put them in a room that I am not utilizing for on-line interactions and/or I mute myself if it is noisy in my house. Please be aware of the problems for classes associated with birds, dogs, televisions, background actions and household or other noises. By following the norms of the classroom and being considerate online everyone benefits. This includes logging in on time so as not to interrupt or miss instruction.


In social interactions on-line please monitor content as sometimes, messages, images, and other communications may cause a recipient discomfort or concern. By monitoring your child’s on-line communications, you can be available to assist them if they have a concern about cyber bullying or inappropriate content. If you see something that has caused a concern and you need assistance, please contact me so I can assist you. You can do so via email at or by phone at: 510-793-1359 ext. 65102. I appreciate those that have sought help with cyber issues as we have then be able to investigate and work to resolve them.


Thank you for the support and guidance you provide at home. We are here to be your partners in education and we value our parents, guardians and community members. Please remember that we are still encouraging all community members who are able to do so to join PTA.


M. Guerrero


We are excited and ready to continue our support of our amazing Mattos Elementary School! “Donut” forget that YOU are the terrific “T” in PTA so please consider supporting the PTA by becoming a member or making a contribution. You can find the membership page at this link or by scanning the QR code below.