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Principal's Message Week # 7
Posted 10/7/20

October 7, 2020


Dear Community,

I appreciate the input and feedback from parents and guardians that I have received since my return from medical leave. Your shared insights and ideas as well as other contributions allow me to work with our committees and teams at Mattos to continually improve services to our community. We want to provide the best possible instruction and support for all of you so thank you for contacting me.


Thank you also to our community members who understand and support the importance of daily, on-time, and appropriate school attendance. Distance learning is not a new practice in education it is simply a newer model for Mattos where we have always had a vibrant and involved on site community. Though teaching and learning remotely has challenges I’d like to encourage everyone to celebrate the creativity and engagement that occurs when our community works together.


Let’s continue to communicate to students how proud we are of them for their efforts. Please celebrate their successes when they have accomplished tasks and let’s all hold them accountable for learning daily. Let students know that they are expected to be outstanding students who log in dressed and ready for school, attend to instruction, follow class norms, engage in lessons, and complete work that they turn in when required. Parents and guardians can support this by monitoring their student’s attendance and engagement and by insisting that they participate fully. Parents are every child’s first teacher and the love and respect they have for you as well as your commitment to their learning makes all the difference.


Thank you to all committed parents for your contributions to daily classes. Your support makes distance learning better. In addition, thank you to our dedicated parents who have stepped forward to serve on School Site Council (SSC) and on the English Language Acquisition Committee (ELAC). These two important committees help guide the services and programs at Mattos and also allow parents to have a direct impact on teaching, learning, and the development of our school culture.


 If community members are looking for more opportunities to work directly with the school we still need more ELAC and PTA members. ELAC members attend monthly ELAC meetings to advise on school programs for English Language Learners and to make recommendations to the School Site Council. PTA members can have a range of roles from simply being a paid member whose contribution helps fund programs to serving on committees or subcommittees where individuals and groups work collaboratively on projects.



Please know I can continue to be reached at: or 510-793-1359 ext. 65102. Feel free to contact me if I can assist you or if you would like to serve on ELAC. If you have not joined PTA and wish to do so please contact our PTA using this link PTA Membership Link.



Susan Guerrero