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Principal's Message Week # 6
Posted 9/30/20

September 30, 2020


Dear Community,

I am thrilled to be back on site at Mattos after a very long recovery from two unexpected surgeries. I am happy to say I am currently very healthy and ready to serve you. I was glad to have Jim Hough, an expert and experienced retired principal, serve as Interim Principal in my absence. I want to thank the many community members who reached out via email to wish me a speedy recovery. Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes.


As we continue to navigate the current pandemic and distance learning I want to also thank our community for their continued support of their children and our wonderful teachers. We know parents and guardians are working hard at home, sometimes while working from home, and while also supporting your children with their lessons. You are amazing! I appreciate the hard work you are doing to support learning at home and want you to know I am here to support you. I can be reached at: and 510-793-1359


Our teachers are also available to assist you and I encourage you to utilize their virtual office hours to get direct assistance regarding classroom issues. Please continue to follow the protocols set by the teacher, our site, and our district to support your child’s successful attendance and participation. It’s important to remember that regular, on time attendance and appropriate participation is a reasonable expectation for all students. When we all work together to create a distance learning situation where students are rested, dressed for school, and attending to their lessons, they learn the important skills for organizing learning and becoming self- sufficient individuals.


Please also remember our team understands how hard it is to work virtually. Many of our staff are often also working either from the school or at home while caring for elderly parents, their own children, and others. I’m very impressed with our teachers as in addition to their own personal and teaching duties they are participating in podcasts, webinars, virtual professional development, as well as grade level and whole site collaboration. Let’s continue to work together to serve our wonderful students.


To assist parents with knowing when their students are having difficulty with mastering grade level standards teachers will be sending Progress Reports home on Friday, October 9th. Only students who are currently failing to master grade level standards will receive progress reports. If your child is on track for mastering grade level standards they will not receive a report. Please be aware that there are different levels of mastery for each trimester as the standards are year- long goals so continual monitoring and support will help all children stay on track.


If in addition to your role as parents and home support you’d like to be more involved with our school and the planning that occurs all year to improve services to students please consider becoming a part of our English Language Acquisition Committee or ELAC. There is a description and application attached and parents who serve help us to review and improve our services to our English Language Learners which is an important part of continual school improvement.


Also, if you have not had an opportunity to join our Parent Teacher Association I’d like to encourage parents and guardians to join. Our PTA offers our school a great deal of support and the parents and guardians who serve on PTA need all of us to join to help fund the projects that PTA supports. While distance learning is challenging for everyone, distance membership recruitment is also difficult and I know our PTA would appreciate new members. Please join!


Thank you to families that have made donations to classrooms. If others wish to do so there is a link below that allows you to donate online.


Have a wonderful week and do not hesitate to contact me if I can assist you. I appreciate our wonderful community and I am so grateful to be back at Mattos.


Susan Guerrero

Mattos Principal



Online Donations:

If you would like to make a donation to your student’s teacher, you may do so using an online link:

You can specify the teacher in the comments and what you would like the donation to go to as well, some examples are: classroom supplies, books, technology, etc.  Please remember to include your student’s name and select your child’s classroom number.



Mattos English Language Acquisition Committee

Announcement and Agenda

Wednesday October 7, 2020 8-9am via Zoom

Community members who wish to attend can contract the Mattos Main Office for Zoom access


Minutes/Old Business                                          8:00- 8:02

New Business                                                       8:02- 9:00

Check in-Minutes                                                  2 mins.         

Review School ELAC Training                            13 mins.         

Election of SSC Officers                                      5 mins.  

DELAC Representative Selection                       5 mins.           

Examine and discuss School Site Plan              20 mins.

Discuss and Vote on Combining with SSC        5 mins.

Make recommendations to SSC                          5 mins.                    

Community Input                                                  5 mins.                                            







Mattos 2020-2021

ELAC Nominations

September 30, 2020

Dear Mattos Community,

We currently have openings on our 2020-2021 English Language Advisory Committee. ELAC consists of community members and staff members that work together to review and make recommendations regarding our Mattos English Language Learner Programs. Please fill out the information below and return it via email to Liz Whalley at by Monday, October 5 2020, if you are interested in serving on ELAC. In addition to virtually attending monthly or other scheduled ELAC  meetings we are also looking for a parent who would like to represent Mattos as a DELAC Representative. This important position involves having a parent of an English Language Learner attend the district meetings a few times a year and reporting back to our site ELAC group. Please consider assisting us on ELAC and if you are so inclined on DELAC.


Thank you!

Susan Guerrero, Mattos Principal






Nomination for the

Mattos English Language Advisory Committee


I would like to serve on ELAC:



Phone #________________




Student/s at Mattos:






I understand that ELAC Members attend monthly meetings to support English Language Learners at Mattos.



Please check here_____if you are also interested in serving on DELAC and attending district meetings a few times a year.