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Mattos Newsletter # 1
Posted 8/20/20



Dear Mattos Community,


Welcome back to Mattos School.  My name is Jim Hough and I will be the interim principal at Mattos until Mrs. Guerrero returns from her medical leave of absence. I am hopeful that your summer vacation was enjoyable and that you were able to spend quality time with those who are most important to you in your life. 


These are extraordinary times in the world and in education.  Although staff is eager to invite students, parents, and community members back to school, the current conditions prevent that from occurring. I know that, amid all the uncertainty right now, its overwhelming to begin the school year with distance learning; however, be aware that teachers have spent many days during the summer to enhance their distance teaching skills.


With your continued support, distance learning will provide your child with a comprehensive educational program.  Staff is cognizant that nothing replaces in-person instruction, but we are determined to provide the best distance learning program we can to our students.  There will be challenges along the way, but we ask for your patience during this period.  Feel free to reach out to your childs teacher if you have questions or concerns about their education after the school year has begun.


Daily, teachers in Fremont will be providing direct instruction (i.e., live online teaching), office hours for students, and independent learning time during each instructional day.  Although their daily schedules will differ, teachers at each grade level throughout the school district will be required to teach a specific number of hours/minutes depending on the childs grade level.  Your childs teacher will inform you of their daily schedule at the beginning of the school year.


Parents often ask how they could help their child succeed in school.  Here are steps that all parents should do daily to enhance their childs success:


Be Prepared for School

  • Your child must sleep 8-10 hours per night
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Be dressed and groomed (school clothes on, hair combed, etc.)
  • Every student must have access to their own computer.  If your child requires a computer for school, please contact the school secretary to check one out for the school year
  • Log-on to class five minutes before the start of the school day so you are not marked absent and are prepared to learn



Good Attendance

  • Student attendance will be monitored this year.  Students must log-in on time, remain on the computer all instructional day, and complete assignments as per the teachers directions
  • Failure to attend class, leaving instruction early, and failure to complete assignments may result in the child and parent being referred to the Child Welfare and Attendance Department since children are mandated by law to attend school
  • Similar to in-person learning, medical and dental appointments should be scheduled after school to avoid missing instructional time that cannot be made up when the child returns to class








  • Similar to in-person learning, students will be held accountable this year for completing all assignments during the school day and any homework assignments that were assigned
  • Report card grades will be based on the quality of work submitted, student participation, and academic performance on tests and assessments
  • Teachers will be providing additional information at Back-to-School Night September 15th


It is important to note that teacher specialists will also be providing daily instruction as per the classroom teachers schedule.  For example, PE, Science, and Computer classes as well as Resource and Speech teachers will continue to provide direct services to students with a combination of virtual live teaching and independent activities.  Similarly, the library specialist, school psychologist, counselor, and nurse will also provide support to students/parents as needed.  In addition, the office staff will be available to answer questions and concerns via email.


As I mentioned earlier, these are extraordinary times in the world and in education.  With your support and patience and with the teachers skills and hard work, the staff will provide students with a quality education. 


On behalf of the Mattos Staff, we would like to thank you in advance for your support at the beginning and throughout the school year.




Information from Mattos School or the Fremont Unified School District will be communicated via the schools web page at:  Your childs teacher will share with you how to contact them if you should have any questions during the school year.



Nothing can replace learning time with the classroom teacher.  However, if your child is too sick to participate in distance learning, please call the office at:


  • 510-793-1359 Extension #7 to leave a message, or
  • Email Ms. Ytuarte, Office Assistant at:

Any absence not reported could be considered truancy.


During distance learning Grab-And-Go school meals will be provided to students that qualify for free or reduced lunch. 

Online meal application to determine eligibility for free and reduced-priced meals at: 

Full price meals will be available for students who have paid online in advance at:

It is important to remember that parents must complete the required form and submit it electronically to the Child and Nutrition Office.  Child Nutrition Services can be reached at:  or 510-659-2587.


School lunches will be available for pick-up at Mattos School between 11:00 am to 12:00 pm daily at the Drop-Off Zone in front of the school.  Reminder:  You must have your student ID Number to pick-up a lunch.



Back-to-School Night will be held on Tuesday, September 15.   Back-to-School Night will be a virtual meeting.  There will be a brief message by interim principal, Jim Hough and PTA President, Mrs. Morales.  After the initial messages, parents will connect online to their childs classroom to hear presentations by your childs teacher.  More information will be forthcoming in the near future.



If you would like to make a donation to your students teacher, you may do so using an online link  You can specify the teacher in the comments and what you would like the donation to go to as well, some examples are: classroom supplies, books, technology, etc.



In addition to students not being able to attend school in-person, the following will not occur this school year or will be closed until further notice.  Other items may be added as the school year progresses.


  • School Office and classrooms
  • Adventure Time
  • After-School Band
  • Picture Day
  • Rental of school facilities during the evening
  • 4th/5th Basketball
  • 5th Grade Science Camp
  • Fall Festival
  • Spelling Bee


Meetings that will occur via online platform

  • Back-to-School Night
  • Parent Conferences
  • IEP Meetings
  • School Committees (i.e., PTA, School Site Council, English Language Advisory, etc.)





If you are required to come to Mattos School to pick-up or return materials from your childs classroom, you must wear a mask and practice social distancing